Slide Fardanegar Fardanegar Company renders specialized, economical and technical solutions by providing stable and practical additives for road construction and energy industry projects in the world.
This mission is obtained through combination of technical science and manufacturing expertise of stable and applied additives in polymer, road and construction industries.
We firmly believe that the use of Fardanegar products can lead the countries to sustainable development of civil infrastructures, environmental preservation and transportation safety and security enhancement.

Slide Our position We provide performers of road industry projects, construction and energy with specialized, economical and technical solutions due to their requirements.
After sales process, we provide the customers with the best application instruction rendered by our professional engineers and elite advisers.
Our products are processed under strict supervision of Fardanegar‘s interdisciplinary Research and Development Unit and mass-produced after passing various quality tests.
Our social values are optimum use of oil resources, preservation of environment and natural resources.
Slide Our Promise Fardanegar:
Designs and produces valuable and proper products compatible with its customers needs due to endorsement of interdisciplinary R&D Unit.
Promises that its products are of high quality, longevity and stability, yet rendering the most economical choice.
Aims at producing products to achieve optimum use of oil resources, preserve the environment and save natural resources.
Guarantees the countries' civil infrastructures by means of its technical products.
Slide Our History Collaboration between Aria Polymer and Pezhvak Tarh Iranian, and also their interdisciplinary approach as two companies affiliated with polymer and construction resulted in Fardanegar Company establishment.
Soon, Fardanegar accomplished efficient, technical and economical products of a higher quality in comparison with its foreign counterparts. These precious achievements obtained by Fardanegar are as consequence of Aria Polymer and Pezhvak Tarh unceasing endeavors.

Polasfa Polaspha More Polaspha, is a polymer produced by Fardanegar Company. This product is the outcome cooperation of several years, research and development of two specialized groups in the fields of road construction and polymer. Fardanegar has achieved knowledge, expertise and technology of bitumen and asphalt polymer modifiers according to the requirements of customers and proportionate to specific geographic conditions and applications; in addition, by production of Polaspha, Fardanegar has not only decreased polymer modifier costs in comparison with imported counterparts, but also eliminated their structural failures.

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